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soooo, i haven’t been on this blog in forever. what’s up?

soooo, let’s chat.

maaaaan, i swear i need to have sex because being horny like every night, just isn’t cutting it

Please, talk to me? :P
sooo, i take you out of my life.

you being out of my life for this long is actually improving me. i’m glad you did what you had to do to make your life right, but i just can’t believe how much better it has made mine. no stress, no anger, no tears, well atleast now. i mean you did email me, i  did respond when i checked it. should i have? it doesn’t seem like you want to talk to me, and maybe i just set myself up to get hurt. but idk, we need to talk really quick doesn’t sound so reassuring. i miss you, and i hope you’re doing okay. i love you, even if i hate to hear those words come out of my mouth. just know i really do love you.

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